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    COVID-19 Testing

    COVID-19 Testing

    Now Offering COVID-19 Testing

    Quick and Convenient Testing

    To help provide peace of mind, we’re offering COVID-19 testing to those who are not showing symptoms or have been exposed.

    At EllEve Med Spa, we are equipped to provide you an FDA-authorized Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test or Rapid Antigen Test. These tests can help determine if you are having an active infection, or have developed IgG or IgM antibodies to the virus. To obtain swift and reliable test results for the sake your own safety as well as the safety of others around you, schedule your Covid-19 testing at EllEve Med Spa today.

    Test Option # 1: Rapid Antigen Test
    Cost: $150, Package of 4 for repeated testing: $500
    Test Results: Available within 10 minutes during your visit

    This nasal swab test is based on advanced antigen technology to determine whether you are currently having an active Covid-19 infection.

    Click here for Rapid Antigen Test Fact Sheet COVID-19 Testing

    Test Option # 2: Rapid Antibody Test   
    Cost: $75
    Test Results: Available within 10 minutes during your visit

    The Rapid Antibody Test involves the testing of one drop of your blood to determine whether you have previously been infected with Covid-19 virus and have developed the antibodies (immunity).

    Click here for Rapid Antibody Test Fact Sheet COVID-19 Testing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Covid-19? 

    Covid-19 is the name given to the infection that is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus originating from Wuhan, China. This novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that was identified in 2019 by China, and has not been previously researched. The virus has spread across the United States as well as most other regions of the world. Covid-19 can cause respiratory illnesses ranging from mild to severe. 

    According to the information available currently, the symptoms associated with the illness associated with this virus include cough, fever, chills, sore throat, difficulty in breathing (or shortness of breath), headache, muscle pain, and/or new loss of smell or taste.

    What are the benefits and downsides of getting tested for Covid-19?

    The known potential downsides of Covid-19 testing include: 

    • Possible inaccurate test results 
    • Possible discomfort during testing 

    The potential benefits of Covid-19 testing include: 

    • The test results can help you and a medical professional make informed decisions about your care.
    Can I get tested for Covid-19 if I have no symptoms?

    Yes, at EllEve Med Spa, we are presently offering Covid-19 testing to anyone who wants to be tested, irrespective of whether or not they have experienced any symptoms. 

    Do I need to get a referral before you will perform the test?

    No, at EllEve Med Spa, we do not require you to have a referral to get tested for Covid-19.

    How will the test benefit me? 

    At EllEve Med Spa, we are equipped to provide two modes of Covid-19 testing. With these tests, you and your loved ones will know whether you currently have an infection, or whether you were previously infected and now developed immunity.

    Why should I choose EllEve Med Spa for this test?

    EllEve is a boutique medical spa located in Woodland Hills. We use FDA-authorized lab equipment to carry out Covid-19 testing. EllEve Med Spa has also secured FDA-authorized and validated Rapid Antibody Covid-19 test kits with high specificity and sensitivity. 

    Therefore, we are able to deliver reliable and accurate test results. The entire process of testing and results at our medical spa will be completed in 10 minutes or less. You can be assured of excellent care and attention from our trained team members throughout your visit.

    What types of test options can you offer me?    

    We are providing two testing methodologies to detect Covid-19 infection:

    1. For active infection: Rapid antigen testing through nasal swab
    2. For past infection: Rapid antibody finger-prick test 
    Has the FDA given its approval to these tests? 

    Yes, both these Covid-19 tests conducted at EllEve Med Spa have been approved by the FDA under its Emergency Use Authorization program. 

    Are you equipped to provide Covid-19 testing for companies?

    Yes, we are able to organize Covid-19 testing for companies and employees either at your place of work or at our facility. Contact us for details. 

    Do you accept insurance? 

    No. We are providing concierge-only service for people who are seeking the convenience of avoiding long waiting times for insurance-covered testing. 

    How can I schedule an appointment with you for my test?

    Send us an email at to reserve a convenient slot available at our facility.

    Who will perform my Covid-19 test? 

    Your Covid-19 test at EllEve Med Spa will be performed by one of our licensed clinicians, whether you choose a Rapid antigen test or a Rapid antibody blood test.

    How do I communicate if I want to know more about my test results? 

    Email us at for any questions or concerns regarding your Covid-19 test results. 

    What is the estimated accuracy of test results? 

    When the tests are properly administered as per the CDC guidelines, the accuracy rates are as follows: 

    • Rapid antigen test: 88.5%
    • Rapid antibody test: 98%
    If I test Covid-19 positive, what are the next steps for me? 

    If your test results are positive, you should follow the CDC guidelines provided here.

    Which swabs do you use for Covid-19 antigen testing?  

    We only use the CDC recommended Covid-19 swabs for the back of the sinuses (nasopharyngeal swab). We do NOT use an anterior nares or saliva test because this collection method is not recommended by the CDC. Although this method may cause less discomfort, it may decrease the test sensitivity.

    If I want a swab test done, how will the process work? 

    Our medical team will use protective equipment (mask, face shield, and gloves) to administer your swab test. The trained member of the nursing team will slide a swab inside your nose up to the back of your sinuses to obtain a nasopharyngeal swab. To obtain a true specimen, the best method is to the touch the back of the sinuses for a period of about 10 seconds.

    If I want a Rapid Antibody test done, how will the process work?

    The Rapid Covid-19 antibody test kit is designed to detect antibodies that typically develop within a week or two after the infection. The test involves a blood specimen to identify the antibodies in your bloodstream. Our clinicians will obtain one drop of your blood sample by a simple finger prick, and test it with the kit. You will receive the result within 10 minutes.

    Why should I take a Covid-19 antibody test? 

    Many people want to know what purpose an antibody test may serve for them because it detects only a past infection. According to researchers, the specific strain of the SARS-CoV-2 or novel coronavirus was never seen in human beings prior to 2019. As a result, the human population has not developed large scale immunity to this deadly virus. 

    However, thousands of individuals have now been infected by the Covid-19 virus and have recovered from it. Stemming from this, they will develop the antibodies in their bloodstream (the immunity to this virus) well after the initial symptoms have been resolved. 

    If antibodies to Covid-19 virus are present in your blood, no matter whether you experienced any symptoms or not, it indicates that you could have developed some immunity against the infection.

    How are the IgG and IgM antibodies distinguished? 

    The distinction between these two types of antibodies is made on the basis of the timing of the viral infection. IgM antibodies denote that the infection occurred about two to six weeks ago, while IgG indicates longer term immunity. 

    When can these antibodies be detected in the bloodstream?
    • IgM antibodies are usually detected in about 5 days from the onset of symptoms or about 12 days after the infection
    • IgG antibodies are usually detected in about two weeks from the onset of symptoms or about three weeks after the infection 
    How are the results interpreted for the antibody test? 
    IgM IgG Interpretation
    Not infected with SARS-CoV-2 or Not yet developed antibodies
    + The patient is in an early phase of the infection 
    + + The patient is in an active stage of the infection
    + Indicates a previous or current infection
    What is the significance for me if my antibody test is positive?

    If you test positive for IgG antibodies, you could be a potential plasma donor for those battling the symptoms of an active Covid-19 infection. The long-term immunity or potential re-infection after developing antibodies continues to be an area of ongoing research, and there are no certain scientific conclusions in this regard as of now.

    However, based on the experience of medical researchers with other similar viruses, the development of antibodies and no current appearance of symptoms may mean that you can return to your normal work routine and other activities. However, it’s paramount to continue to follow the government’s guidelines and your doctor’s recommendations in this situation.  

    Follow the Medical Protocol 

    If you suspect that you may have been exposed to Covid-19, but have not developed serious symptoms, you should follow the recommended medical protocol. You should self-isolate and take supportive measures. If your symptoms worsen, you should visit the emergency room without delay. In that condition, do not wait to obtain a Covid-19 test at our facility. 

    Additional Services at EllEve Med Spa 

    We offer IV Vitamin Therapy, NAD + IV Therapy, and Vitamin Injections.

    To learn more about Covid-19 testing and our other services, email us at