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    Permanent Makeup

    Ombre Brows

    Filling in your brows is a thing of the past! Achieve a soft, natural, powdered look with Ombre brows. Using a pixilated technique, we mimic the natural progression of the brow from tail to bulb, and the color is customized layer by layer to create a unique color and saturation for each person based on their preference. This procedure is more inclusive in terms of skin types and tones. It is also a better option for those with acne prone, oily, aging, and/or troubled skin. Prior to procedure, we work together to outline the brows to your ideal thickness and shape. We also customize the color based on your natural tone and undertones, and your desired end result.


    Permanent MakeupSmudge proof and fool proof, Microblading is a manual permanent makeup technique in which pigment is implanted as “strokes” to create the appearance of brow hairs. This can yield natural full looking brows with shape and dimension. Using precision and fine art, ultra fine lines are designed to mimic the natural growth of real brow hair.  This  can help to fill in thin brows or brows with various bald spots. Microblading can also be used to do a   total brow creation and or reconstruction for  those who have completely bare brows and/or have been impacted by a hair loss condition. Microblading is not always recommended for every skin type and tone, and a consultation is required prior to determine eligibility.

    Eyeliner Procedures

    Permanent MakeupWhether you like it subtle or glam, our eyeliner procedures can be customized to your aesthetic. Tight liner goes straight through your lash line giving your eyes a subtle pop and making your lashes look fuller. Eyeliner with wing is built onto the tight liner for a classic look. No more trying to get that line just right! The wing can be as delicate or bold as you like. Shaded liner is the go to glam to go look. With a base of tight liner, this liner can be soft and simple or glammed out. Its all up to you! Please note: lash extensions must be removed two days prior to your procedure day, and lash growth products must be discontinued 2 weeks prior to your procedure date, and may not be applied for 3-4 weeks post procedure.



    Lip Tint

    Permanent MakeupAn EllEve favorite, this procedure achieves natural color, evens out lip tones, corrects asymmetry in shape, and pretties up your pout. The delicate nature of this technique makes it suitable for almost all skin types and tones. Lip tinting enhances the natural shape of your lips giving you a more even tone and shape. It can help with any scars or imperfections on the lip area as well. It is sheer and natural. So you can simply dab on a bit of clear gloss, chapstick, vaseline or any of your favorite lip products. But our favorite part is that you don’t need anything at all! And don’t worry, lip tinting will not get in the way of your lipstick collection. You can always apply any color on top of your lip tint. It’s easy to see why we love this!

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