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SkinCeuticals by EllEve Med Spa – An Exclusive Partnership

As most of you know, we have officially become an exclusive partner with SkinCeuticals and the only one in the Valley.

When you walk by our beautiful spa you see an eye-catching display for all to see. There’s no doubt that when you see that infamous robin-egg blue boxes lined up perfectly, you’re at the right place to get your favorite SkinCeuticals products.

Most of us here at EllEve Med Spa have been in the industry for a decade or more, we have tried product line after product line with some success with them actually working the way it’s marketed. Personally, when I first started in this industry, the very first products I worked with were SkinCeuticals. They were awesomethen and they’re even more amazing now. With a company that has such a strong household name, it’s very easy to get lazy, to offer the bare minimum, and not push any boundaries because you’ve already made it – not SkinCeuticals. They continue to proudly release some of the most brilliant scientific-based and life-changing products.

These Pharmaceutical-Grade products are the creme de la creme. Yes, better than Chanel, La Mer, and all of those ridiculously expensive creams that don’t do anything for your skin. Yes – I said it and so not taking it back. They may feel fantastic, but there is no benefit. Why spend so much on something that won’t help you maintain the health of your skin? Don’t get me wrong, I love to splurge on goodies, but why not direct that extra spending on treatments and products that will make a noticeable difference?

We make sure to always mention that we strictly and proudly work with Pharmaceutical-Grade products because they are 99% pure. No dyes, binders, and weird ingredients that you have no idea what you’re putting on your face. When you use products like SkinCeuticals, you are utilizing ingredients that are at its most potent and efficacious for your skin. I cannot stress that enough. I’m sure after reading this you’re going to be looking through your medicine cabinet and wondering if your skincare products are right for you. Don’t stress. Let’s get you in for a complimentary skin analysis with our brand-new SkinScope by SkinCeuticals. We will be able to see pigmentation, dehydration, excess oil, congestion, and so much more! Let us guide you along your skincare journey. It’s a passion of ours and seeing you transform before our very eyes is such a treat.

Having the opportunity to partner with SkinCeuticals was a no-brainer because when you fully believe in what you are offering you want to be able to spread that joy as much as possible. We here at EllEve truly care for our patients and try our best to make sure you feel like the most important person when you walk into our little haven. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here and for that we will always appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts!

By Melissa Colon

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