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PDO Threadsin Woodland Hills, CA

Anti-Aging Skin Lift

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At EllEve Med Spa, we take pride in providing our patients with outstanding service and even better aesthetic treatments. Calabasas and Woodland Hills PDO Threads patients can enjoy noticeable lifting in the lower jawline, midface, neck, and nasolabial fold depth reduction without the need for traditional facelift surgery. Read on to learn more about the art and science behind the PDO thread lift treatment.

PDO Threads Woodland Hills

Lifting Without Surgery

What are PDO Threads?

If you are struggling with sagging in the face, neck, or other areas of the body, the first thing most people would have thought to do is surgery. We now have one of the safest and most highly effective non-surgical, FDA-approved solutions to achieve a subtle and natural lift – PDO Threads. This treatment utilizes absorbable and biocompatible sutures that are placed into the skin to help lift and tauten it. And for an interesting side note, PDO sutures have been used in internal organ surgeries for over 30 years.

PDO Threads helps with the following:

  • Instant lifting of the skin, giving a tightening result
  • Sagging
  • Repositions fat pads
  • Produces new collagen
  • Cellular renewal to improve skin elasticity

Thread Away Wrinkles

What are the benefits of PDO Threads?

Adults experiencing sagging skin in the face, chin, abdomen, or legs can benefit significantly from PDO Threads. PDO Threads are FDA-approved and work as wonderful alternatives to surgical facelifts and even body lifts. At EllEve Med Spa, we perform two different kinds of PDO thread procedures:

Barb: Inserted deeper into the deep dermis and neck. Tiny feathered ‘hooks’ throughout the thread latch onto the skin to keep it lifted and taut. Great for Full Face, Neck, and Body. You can also use these threads to give a non-surgical nose lift.

Smooths: Inserted more superficially, PDO Threads fill and tighten areas like the Under Eyes, nasolabial folds, and necklines. It can also be used for the treatment of scars caused by acne as well as some surgical scars. This is the thread to use for any place that needs to build collagen and smooth the skin.

Our Woodland Hills PDO Threads specialists can help you determine if you are a good candidate for PDO Threads during your consultation, so schedule today!

Patient Comfort Comes First

Your PDO Threads Consultation

PDO Threads are a very popular treatment for all ages and continue to get more recognition for their beautiful and natural results. At EllEve Med Spa, we spend time with our patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. We never want you to feel rushed to decide, and we appreciate your time. Our patients have reported that our more comfortable technique of inserting PDO Threads is favorable to many other providers and their methods. We want to make sure you are comfortable, so if anything feels unpleasant during your treatment, we have techniques that help to ease any discomfort. Every one of our patients is essential to us, so we take our time to ensure the job is done right. We want you to feel better leaving us than when you came in.

PDO Threads Woodland Hills

Show-Stopping Success

Your PDO Threads Procedure

PDO Thread Lift is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure involving a local anesthetic. The threads are inserted using cannulas into the skin and will anchor to gently lift or raise the tissue of the treated area. The treatment itself is anywhere around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of threads used and how many areas are being treated.

Collagen Boosts for Natural Rejuvenation

PDO Threads Results

Following PDO Threads Woodland Hills patients may experience some redness and swelling immediately afterwards. As this subsides within forty-eight hours, you will notice your more lifted complexion. If you have PDO Threads in your abdomen or knees to resolve crepiness, you will notice immediate results that will continue to improve over time as well. It takes about two weeks for your body to start producing more collagen in the treated areas, though this production will continue for the six months to a year that your results last.

It Only Gets Better With Time

PDO Threads Recovery and Aftercare

You should avoid any strenuous movements regarding the PDO thread treatment sites for the first week. If you receive PDO Threads in your face or neck, it is recommended that you sleep on your back and avoid makeup or massages for the first week as well. The PDO Threads will stimulate your body to produce your own collagen and continue improving the appearance of your skin. Your treatment results will remain for several more months after they’ve started to dissolve. Still, during this time frame, we recommend you return for follow-up sessions in order not just to maintain but also to enhance your results.

PDO ThreadsFrequently Asked Questions

PDO thread treatment may cause minor side effects, such as bruising, swelling, and redness. These typically subside within a few days to a week after the procedure. There are more uncommon risks, such as visible sutures, snapped threads, or infections. One of our aesthetic specialists will inform you how to avoid these preventable risks during your aftercare.

A surgical facelift and neck lift can provide more dramatic and long-lasting results but also comes with more significant risks and a higher cost. A PDO Thread Lift can provide noticeable improvement in skin laxity and wrinkles, with more subtle and shorter-lasting results.

A surgical facelift and neck lift requires incisions that can leave noticeable scarring. PDO thread lifts involve minimal scarring as the threads are inserted using a fine needle or cannula. Surgical facelifts and neck lifts tend to be more expensive and have a much more extended downtime, though the results last longer. PDO thread lifts are less costly with minimal downtime. Schedule your consultation today and see how PDO thread lifts could benefit you instead of a surgical facelift or neck lift.

Since PDO Thread treatments are considered cosmetic, they are not covered by insurance. During your consultation, we can answer any financing, payment, and pricing questions.


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