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IV Hydration in Woodland Hills, CA

Beauty Inside and Out

Woodland Hills, CA IV Hydration at EllEve Med Spa

At EllEve Med Spa, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty. We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments to help you enhance your natural complexion, and in addition to those treatments, we also offer IV Hydration. While looking and feeling your best on the outside is essential, taking care of the inside is just as important. Restore hydration, vitamins, and electrolytes in your body to promote healthier skin, hair, and nails while keeping your body healthy and energized. Schedule your consultation with us today at one of our locations in Woodland Hills or Calabasas, CA.

IV Hydration Woodland Hills

Replenish Your Health

What is IV Hydration?

Intravenous (IV) Hydration is a treatment used to restore hydration and vitamins in the body. Dehydration can lead to dry skin, fatigue, and less efficient functioning of all your bodily systems. An IV hydration treatment gives your body a boost in hydration while delivering vitamins and minerals immediately circulating throughout your bloodstream. At EllEve Med Spa, we offer three kinds of IV Hydration treatments:

The Myers Cocktail, first developed by Dr. John Myers, is a potent blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, and hydrating fluids. This formulation boosts immunity and treats dry skin, dehydration, fatigue, headaches, hangovers, and other common complaints.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body and helps detoxify. This IV formula can help combat infections, fatigue, headaches, painful joints, depression, and more.

Biotin IV hydration supports strong, healthy hair and nail growth. It benefits people who experience unwanted hair thinning and breakage or weak, brittle nails.

Vitamin Shots deliver key nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Unlike an IV drip, a Vitamin Shot is administered intramuscularly via an injection. Formulated with Vitamin B12, B-complex, MICC, LIPO, ascorbic acid, and glutathione, a Vitamin Shot boosts your energy and vitality by helping your bodily systems function optimally.

Schedule your consultation today and find out which Woodland Hills IV Hydration treatment would be best for you.

Vitamins, Electrolytes, Energy, Oh My!

What are the benefits of IV Hydration?

At our Medical Spa in Woodland Hills IV Hydration is excellent for replenishing hydration in your body in addition to the water you should drink daily. Not only is it suitable for rehydration, but it has also been known to increase energy, improve mood, bring faster recovery from illnesses, and help with hangovers. IV Hydration also enhances the skin and helps slow aging while promoting healthy hair and nail growth.

IV Hydration is safe and effective and has minimal risks involved. These treatments are perfect for patients already in the office and who want to add a healthy pick-me-up to other scheduled aesthetic treatments. Good candidates for IV Hydration are adults looking to replenish the fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes in their system. These treatments are a great way to boost your energy and feel refreshed.

Our Number One Priority

Your IV Hydration Consultation

When it comes to our patients, nothing is more important than their well-being and comfort. Our team is devoted to your health and needs, so we want you to be confident in your decisions. We offer three different IV Hydration options. Schedule your consultation today and start your journey to better health inside and out.

Simple Treatment, Amazing Results

Your IV Hydration Procedure

During your IV Hydration Woodland Hills patients will be seated and relaxed as an aesthetic specialist cleans off the inner bend of their arm. After sterilizing your arm, they gently insert a small needle containing a catheter into a vein. Once it is in, the needle is removed, and the catheter remains in place. The aesthetic specialist will tape the catheter to your arm so that it will not be accidentally removed or cause discomfort. They will then begin the IV Hydration drip that will flow into your bloodstream and rehydrate you. This entire process can take anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour.

IV Hydration Woodland Hills

Hydration in Minutes

IV Hydration Results

Your IV Hydration treatment results will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. The effects of these treatments typically last anywhere from a few days to about two weeks, which is why it is recommended that patients looking for regularly scheduled IV Hydration treatments come in once every two weeks or so. IV Hydration is also perfect for a quick energy and mood enhancer right before or after any other aesthetic treatments.

Your Energy Restored

IV Hydration Recovery and Aftercare

You can return to your daily routine immediately after having IV Hydration treatments! Your aesthetic specialist can inform you of any particular instructions that are personalized to your needs, but generally, the only aftercare needed would be applying a cold compress to the injection site if it becomes tender or bruised. Keeping a bandaid or gauze over to the injection site for a short period after your treatment is standard to prevent any bleeding. Any bruising or redness should dissipate within a few days after your treatment.

IV HydrationFrequently Asked Questions

While many patients experience some mild discomfort during the initial poke, it has been reported that IV Hydration is a comfortable and relaxing treatment.

EllEve Med Spa offers three kinds of IV Hydration treatments, which vary slightly in price. By booking an IV Hydration treatment during the same visit as another aesthetic procedure, you will have access to these special prices:

  • Biotin - $150
  • Glutathione - $200
  • Myers - $250

There are very few risks involved with IV Hydration treatments. The most common would be bruising at the injection site. Less common effects include infection, bleeding, and blown veins.

Absolutely! To receive a special price on IV hydration, ask about adding it to your next facial, laser, or other skin rejuvenation treatment.


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