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PRP Hair Restorationin Woodland Hills, CA

Using Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Restoration

At EllEve Med Spa in Woodland Hills PRP Hair Restoration benefits those that are suffering from hair loss (alopecia male pattern baldness, stress) and hair thinning.

PRP Hair Restoration  Woodland Hills

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Technology has certainly advanced over the years with Hair Restoration. More and more people are opting out of surgeries and working with their own PRP to awaken, heal, and restore the hair follicles. PRP Hair Restoration benefits those that are suffering from hair loss (alopecia male pattern baldness, stress) and hair thinning.

You must be wondering if this is the same as skin rejuvenation with Eclipse PRP. Same process with obtaining a sample of your own blood, but different technique by injecting the PRP directly into the affected areas of your scalp.

Benefits of Eclipse PRP for Hair Restoration

  • Safe, non-surgical and leaves no unsightly scars
  • Optimal recovery of platelets (up to 97%)
  • Fast and convenient procedure - around 1 hour
  • High consistency of platelet concentration leads to more predictable results
  • No risk of adverse reaction because no foreign components are involved

The Eclipse PRP Hair Restoration treatment is highly efficient and designed to minimize discomfort as much as possible and maximize treatment results.

How Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

The safe and proven Eclipse PRP system separates the Platelet-Rich Plasma from the drawn blood sample according to the unique density of your blood. It will prepare pure PRP with the optimal cellular content and high platelet concentration. The process will eliminate virtually all red blood cells (RBCs) and reduce the concentration of Granulocytes which are pro-inflammatory. The injection procedure will also stimulate renewed blood flow in the affected sites of your scalp, thus delivering healthy nutrients and growth factors to your deprived hair follicles. This will promote the hair restoration process, and help fill in areas of thinning, receding, or balding hair.

What to Expect.

To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, we apply a topical numbing cream, a vibrating tool to distract, squeezy ball, and a strong blast of cool air. Additionally, we now offer ProNox – a dual chamber laughing gas that helps to relax the body and mind. Injecting directly into the scalp allows the Growth Factors and Platelets to wake up the dormant hair follicles more effectively. After their PRP Hair Restoration Woodland Hills patients typically experience some minor swelling.

Many describe it as if they’re wearing a cap on their head. The area will feel tender and is best to relax as much as possible. Some may get a headache, if that happens, you may take whatever pain reliever you tend to use. This treatment will need to be done in a series. On average 3-6 treatments depending on the severity of your concern. Spaced out a month apart, you will start to notice an improvement after the 3rd month from the first treatment. It takes time and you must be patient. We recommend coming in every 6-12 months for maintenance.

PRP Hair Restoration  Woodland Hills

Wanna Enhance Results?

Benev Exosomes Regenerative Complex+

  • Hydrates and Nourishes the Scalp
  • Significantly reduces Hair Shedding
  • Promotes a Healthy Hair Growth Cycle
  • Makes the Hair Feel and Look Fuller, Softer, and Shinier


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