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RF Microneedlingin Woodland Hills, CA

CIT (collagen induction therapy)

What Is PiXel8-RF Microneedling?

CIT (collagen induction therapy) is a process that allows the skin to repair itself after an injury. This is what Microneedling does when we are wanting to target textural concerns, creating a controlled “wound” in order to rebuild healthy new collagen in the treated areas. When clients have multiple textural concerns, sometimes Standard Microneedling isn’t enough. Which is why we offer RF Microneedling. This treatment penetrates past the superficial layers of the skin and heats up the sub-dermis with RadioFrequency. This technology stimulates and remodels the collagen, giving a more plump and rejuvenated appearance. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds. The depths that we are able to reach with RF Microneedling (.5mm-3.5mm) is deeper than Standard Microneedling (.5mm-2.5mm). This is especially great for clients that have deeper wrinkles or pockmark scars. In Woodland Hills RF Microneedling is designed to smooth skin textural concerns like enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, stretch marks, surgical scars, and acne scarring. Additionally the PiXel8-RF Microneedling addresses hyperpigmentation and Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is the red pigment that’s shown after you breakout. If you are interested in learning more about RF Microneedling Woodland Hills patients are encouraged to contact us to schedule a consultation.

RF Microneedling Woodland Hills

What to Expect with RF Microneedling

This treatment is recommended to be in a series for maximal results. The average client does 3-4 treatments spaced one month apart. Though this treatment is very comfortable, we will still numb you so that you are relaxed for the entirety of your treatment. The settings are customized based on your concerns, the thickness of your skin, and where you’re treating.

After RF Microneedling Woodland Hills patients experience very minimal downtime. You’ll be red for the first 2 days of your treatment and for the rest of the week you’ll have small dots that will slough off. You are able to wear makeup by day 2 if needed but its recommended to allow your skin as much as possible.

Common Areas to Treat:

FACE: deep and/or pigmented acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, crepey skin, and surgical scars.

NECK/CHEST: loose skin, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

ABDOMEN: loose skin and surgical scars


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