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truSculpt ID And Flex Body Sculpting Overview And Cost

truSculpt ID And Flex Body Contouring

truSculpt iD and flex is an innovative body sculpting treatment that can be personalized according to a patient’s body shape, fitness level, and cosmetic goals. Backed by a unique Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technique, truSculpt involves electrical stimulation of the muscles using multiple treatment modes to target specific muscle groups.  

Among various body sculpting treatments available today, truSculpt may cover the largest treatment area at one time. The procedure is non-invasive, and involves no post-op downtime. Body contours and muscle tone will continue to improve over time, and many patients can expect to see continued improvement for several months.  

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truSculpt iD – As Seen on The Doctors

About truSculpt flex

Fat Loss even for Overweight People  

Most of the currently available body contouring treatments are ideally suited for people with moderate body weight who are bothered by fat bulges in certain areas. These treatments are often more effective for relatively fit people who can continue to maintain a vigorous exercise routine after the treatment.  

However, the truSculpt iD and flex treatment is believed to be the first medical spa treatment introduced for body sculpting that can also treatment patients with a BMI of 30 or higher. That gives new hope to overweight patients who may be seeking fat loss without having to undergo surgery. 

How does truSculpt work? 

The treatment is based on monopolar radio frequency (RF) energy, which will gently heat the targeted fat cells until they melt and disintegrate. These disrupted fat cells will gradually exit the body through the natural metabolic process, which helps create slimmer contours.  

Patient data has shown that people can expect to achieve about 24 percent fat reduction on average with just a single treatment with truSculpt. Results will start becoming visible immediately after the treatment session, and will continue to improve for the next several months.  

It works by heating fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency until they die off and can be naturally eliminated by your body. According to the company, patient data shows an average of 24-percent fat reduction after just one treatment. The company claims you can see results right away, with the full impact of the treatment showing by the 12-week mark. 

The delivery of direct electrical muscle stimulation is done through a unique Multi Directional Stimulation (MDS) process. This process releases low levels of energy pulses to create deeper muscular contraction at a high intensity. The med spa treatment provider will use the proprietary handpiece called TruGel to perform this procedure.  

truSculpt iD and Flex Treatment Costs 

Costs of truSculpt body sculpting may vary from one patient to another depending on the extent of treatment required. Costs may be higher for larger body areas such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or back, while patients requiring treatment only in smaller areas such as the chin, ankles, or knees may be charged less. The total number of treatment sessions involved will also impact the overall sticker price of the treatment. 

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