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    Bodyshock System

    Bodyshock System

    EllEve Med Spa offers you the unique Bodyshock treatment by Mesoestetic that helps fight cellulite, reduced isolated fat pockets, and tighten loose skin. Bodyshock therapy involves a combination of ultra-concentrated, fully customizable active ingredients to help you achieve smoother and aesthetically appealing body contours.

    One Treatment, Six Body Areas

    What sets Bodyshock apart from other treatments is its comprehensive scope to transform six problem zones in your body at once. This fully adaptable treatment will remodel your silhouette by improving six strategic body areas: abdomen and love handles, buttocks (glutes), legs, upper arms, breasts, and double chin. These are the prominent areas that are prone to fat accumulation, cellulite appearance and loose skin.  Legs: Formation of fat nodules in the legs can cause fluid retention, stubborn cellulite and orange peel skin. Bodyshock will work to eliminate targeted fatty nodules to provide you a refined leg contour.  Buttocks: Flaccidity and signs of sagging in the rear end may make you feel self-conscious about wearing tight clothes or swim wear. With Bodyshock treatment, your backside will regain its firmness and shape. Abdomen and Flanks: Fat accumulation and sagging tissue may occur more severely in the mid-section because of sedentary lifestyle, heredity or aging. Bodyshock therapy will help restore a flatter and firmer abdomen and waist. Breasts: Loss of skin elasticity over the years can cause your breasts to sag. Pregnancy and nursing can also result in loose breast skin. Choose Bodyshock to achieve a subtle breast lift and perkier, youthful breasts.  Upper Arms: The triceps area is prone to loose and hanging skin, excess fatty tissue deposits, and loss of skin tone. Our aestheticians can enhance your upper arms with Bodyshock to complement with the rest of your upper body.  Double Chin: One of the common concerns for both women and men is stubborn fat accumulation under the chin. This hard to treat area can successfully improve with Bodyshock to restore a slimmer chin contour.     

    How does it Work?

    Our Bodyshock experts have devised specialized application techniques combined with custom massage therapy to help firm up your skin, tackle unsightly cellulite, and reduce the fat bulges. Based on your unique anatomical needs and personal cosmetic goals, we will: 
    • Cleanse and prep your skin with light chemical peels
    • Apply powerful body boosters to enhance contours 
    • Improve skin appearance and elasticity with intensive masks
    • Build the final results with a special finishing cream for maximum absorption of the active ingredients 
    • Use innovative massage techniques to improve all six action areas
    A series of treatment sessions at our medical spa will help define your silhouette within a few weeks. We will provide you advanced home treatment products for follow-up care to extend and optimize the results. 

    Combining Bodyshock with Mesotherapy

    For optimal results, we recommend patients to combine Bodyshock with mesotherapy. It will boost the penetration of ultra-concentrated ingredients directly into the deeper skin layers and stimulate micro-circulation. Fresh collagen and elastin formation will promote a healthy cellular turnover. You may require 8 to 10 treatment sessions for this combined therapy, alternating weekly between the two treatments.

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    For more information on procedures and treatments at EllEve Med Spa please contact us at (747) 777-5007 in Woodland Hills California.
    Bodyshock System
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