AboutIrina Manukyan, F-NP + Owner

Irina Manukyan, FNP-C, utilizes her vast medical knowledge, passion for aesthetics, and natural people skills to help you feel the most confident in your skin. She incorporates expertise gleaned from 12 years of nursing with more than four years dedicated to women’s health and wellness to deliver some of the most advanced treatments

Irina’s honest, straightforward manner immediately puts you at ease. Her laser-like focus offers each client an array of safe, balanced treatments resulting in healthy, glowing skin and a more youthful appearance. She’s created a rejuvenating haven in the heart of Woodland Hills, CA replete with minimalist decor and splashes of elegant black, gold, and white tones throughout. EllEve Med Spa offers a welcome escape amidst the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Specializing in Injectables, Body Sculpting, and Skin Tightening treatments with incorporating Medical-Grade Facials and Pharmaceutical-Grade Products, Irina turns science into an art. When you step inside the treatment room you will feel like the most important person in the world.

AboutLusine Tumanyan, Operations Manager

Lusine started working in the medical field as soon as she graduated high school at 18 years old. She previously worked at a “Specialty Eye Care” doctor’s office – starting at the Front Desk and in a blink of an eye she was managing 2 offices and a surgery center. She likes working in the medical field because she has the opportunity to help people and loves how everyone walks out with more confidence than when they came in. “The most important aspect of beauty is from within. Everybody’s beautiful in various ways, but if we can put emphasis on what’s bothering them, and add a little spark, everybody looks magical after that.” One of her favorite treatments to get done (haven’t tried them all yet) is a really good cleansing facial. Her goal is to learn as much as she can because knowledge is power! She can be one of the funniest people at the office and really makes it her mission to work in a fun, inspiring environment.

AboutCorina, RN

Corina has been a nurse for 2 years and in the Aesthetic Industry since October 2021. She loves to be in this industry to help enhance each individual’s beauty to help our patients feel comfortable in their own skin. Her beauty philosophy: forget what’s trendy/popular – do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful. She loves getting monthly Hydrafacials and her favorite treatments to perform on patients are Genesis Laser and PRP Microneedling. Her goals are to become a well rounded, knowledgeable, and safe aesthetic practitioner. To create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with every client. To incorporate a holistic approach to treatment in the aesthetic industry, that includes multiple facets of well-being. Her care is felt – that is for sure. We truly adore her. She was raised between Los Angeles and Lima, Peru. She loves traveling and her favorite country to travel to is Mexico.

AboutKatarina, RN

Katarina David graduated nursing school in 2020 and currently has been in this industry for nearly over a year now! She always had a passion for beauty and dermatology growing up and is so excited to finally be here where she’s at today. She believes that beauty comes from within and in order for one to truly feel beautiful they must believe that they are. Helping people find that inner confidence is what she is most passionate about. This industry helps give an extra little boost to each individual’s own esteem and boldness. Her favorite treatments to do currently are Laser Hair Removal and PRP Microneedling and her favorite treatment to get done are Chemical Peels and PDO Threads. Her goals are to become more proficient in her current role as an Aesthetic Nurse, to master the treatments she knows now, but also to eventually train and master the arts of injectables. She’s very outgoing and always up for an adventure! She loves making everyone who steps in through our medspa doors feel like family (it’s true – she has the most intoxicating personality lol she also snorts when she laughs)

AboutKimberly, RN

Kimbery has been an RN for 3.5 years and in the Aesthetics Industry for almost 2 years! She loves all things beauty; aesthetics is where she is able to translate her love for anatomy and patient assessment, and use her artistic eye to provide natural results. She is passionate about learning to perform various cosmetic procedures to help others look and feel confident in their skin; to enhance one’s unique beauty and highlight their positive attributes. A treatment combo of IPL and Microneedling is her favorite to do on clients and favorite treatments to get done on herself. Her goals in this industry are to keep growing and forever learning to become a nurse injector (get it girl – we believe in you) She has run several half marathons (13.1 miles).  She loves the outdoors, visiting national parks, has explored 14 countries and plans to travel more!

AboutEmjay, Medical Aesthetician

Emjay meets all her clients exactly where they are, with over 20 years experience as a Medical Aesthetician and Trainer, she has a way of making you relaxed in the treatment room while simultaneously getting straight to the point with your treatment plan. She focuses on results and loves to use a combination of modalities like HydraFacial, Dermaplane, Chemical Peels, and all the extractions! “The face is a 360* image, and we need to tackle it from all angles to get the best results, but just like all other organs, hydration is key! The skin won’t respond to anything when it is lacking water. Imagine running a marathon while you’re dehydrated; bet you won’t get very far.” When Emjay isn’t working on faces, you can find her being a mermaid or spinning her heart out in the saddle. She’s awesome and knows her stuff. Just make the appointment – you won’t regret it.

AboutHayat, Medical Aesthetician

Hayat has that magic touch. She has a lifelong passion of being an Aesthetician and loves to ensure that her patients receive a customized treatment plan to address specific concerns. “It all starts with a one on one consultation, followed by a personalized skin care regimen for patients which ultimately leads to improved confidence and having positive results.” She loves learning about the latest skin care products in the market and when you get onto her treatment bed you will melt with the attention she gives you. She speaks English, French, and Arabic. She loves travelling – especially to a beachy location and makes sure to spend time with her family as much as she can.

AboutHaide, Office Coordinator

Haide has over 10 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics and is one of our wonderful Office Coordinators. She has a natural gift of making patients feel confident about themselves and really feel cared for. Her beauty philosophy is a natural and rejuvenated glow and her favorite treatment is PRP Microneedling! Her goal in this industry is to become a Medical Aesthetician. Haide loves to cook (we can all attest – her food always smells and tastes amazing) and loves to travel. She is an amazing person and excels at everything she does.

AboutMelissa, Office Coordinator

Melissa has 10 years of experience as a Medical Aesthetician and a woman that wears many hats in the office. She wanted to be in this industry when she found out you can extract breakouts for a living. She believes that less is more, to enhance your natural beauty, to help you believe that you are unique and that is a gift. Her favorite treatment to do as an Aesthetician is Dermaplane and Microneedling and her favorite treatments to get done are TruSculpt iD, PRP, and Smooth Threads! Her goals in this industry are to continue to help those around her, to bring joy, inspire and uplift, have fun, educate and train staff to further their knowledge, and inspire everyone to embody their highest potential. Melissa loves to travel (especially for concerts), she sings/hums/whistles 24/7, loves to garden and create essential oils and hydrosols from her plants, obsessed with animals, and has watched every nature documentary there is.

AboutSandy, Office Coordinator

The sassy lady behind EllEve Med Spas communications and social media platforms. She’s in this industry to connect with our patients to give the best care possible, and they sure do love her (and so do we). Sandy enjoys building relationships with small businesses in our community to show our support. She has a background of 5 years in Web Design, Finance and Plastic Surgery. You can find Sandy brunching in LA ordering some of the most unique foods on the menu. Her intoxicating personality leaves everyone feeling loved, supported, and the most important person in the room.


Vanessa, Office Coordinator

Vanessa has 2 years experience in Medical Aesthetics. She has always loved this industry and believes that learning about the skin is essential. Her beauty philosophy is finding the proper treatments and products that genuinely make you feel beautiful inside and out. Her favorite treatment (so far) is HydraFacial. Her goal in this industry is to become a Medical Aesthetician. She loves to workout, hike, and any type of challenging, new hobbies to reach her highest potential. She has a sweet personality and we are thrilled to have her on our team as our newest Office Coordinator.