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EllEve Med Spa Weight Management Program

EllEve Med Spa now offers a transformative weight loss program to help you achieve healthy body weight in a safe and comfortable way. Our Weight Management Therapy Program at EllEve Med Spa is scientifically designed and medically supervised to help you reach your unique weight loss goals in weeks or months.
In addition to restoring the desired body weight, the treatment protocol may also improve your metabolism, enabling you to eliminate stubborn fat deposits – all without feeling
uncomfortable or hungry.
You can start the program with just one month, but for the most profound results we highly recommend that you continue the program for two to three months.

  EllEve Med Spa Weight Management Program  Woodland Hills

Program Inclusions:


Program Options:

Standard Weight Loss – $295/mo
Includes: Lipo-Trim SL Oral Spray, Sermorelin, LDN Supplements
Premium Weight Loss – $595/mo
Includes: Lipo-Trim SL Oral Spray, Sermorelin, LDN Supplements, 1 Skinny IV per month, 2 weight loss vitamin shots per week.

Medications and Dosages under the Program

The EllEve Med Spa Weight Management Protocol includes the following medications in specified dosages to be taken under the supervision or guidance of the professionals at EllEve Med Spa:
Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) – Oral, Nightly
  • The program includes an LDN weight loss recommended dosage of 1.5 mg to 4.5 mg to be taken every night. Potential benefits include: Insulin level reduction, which may enhance the level of growth hormones to burn excess body fat and create lean muscle mass.
  • Hunger reduction and normalization of appetite.
  • Reduction of inflammation in the body to pave way for easier weight loss.
Sermorelin Acetate – Subcutaneous Injection, Nightly
  • The program includes a 300 mcg nightly dosage of Sermorelin Acetate, which may provide the following benefits:Stimulation of the pituitary, which could trigger a higher production of growth hormones.
  • Reduction of excess body fat through the natural lipolysis process.
  • Boost the development and maintenance of lean body mass.
Lipo-Trim SL – Oral Spray (Sublingual), 1x Daily
  • The program includes a concentrated Lipo-Trim sublingual oral spray that combines the power of B vitamins and amino acids. Recommended dosage of 1 ml daily may provide the following benefits: Helping conversion of stored body fat into energy
  • Helping reduce food cravings
  • Providing support to the immune system

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