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IV Nutritional Therapy




IV Nutritional Therapy 
Intravenous or IV therapy is an ideal way to deliver the vital nutrients to your body when it is in urgent need of an energy boost. This safe and proven medical spa procedure ensures that all the required vitamins and minerals go directly into your bloodstream. This way the digestive system is bypassed and hence the results are more impactful and sustainable.


EllEve Med Spa provides IV nutritional therapy to patients in Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, and surrounding communities.  


Key benefits of nutritional IV therapy


If you suffer from chronic health conditions, then chances are you frequently experience fatigue and tiredness. You will be more prone to infections and may have an energy and nutrition deficiency. To boost your immunity, you can undergo a vitamin and nutrient IV therapy procedure. Here are some of its key advantages: 


Successful nutrient absorption


Certain medical conditions will prevent your body from absorbing sufficient nutrients. To overcome this limitation, you can seek nutritional IV therapy, which will ensure that all the vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are fully absorbed in your bloodstream 


 hence delivering instant benefits. 


Energy boost and revitalization 


If you suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety issues, sleeplessness, or respiratory illness, then nutritional IV therapy can restrict their intensity. In addition to that, the therapy will also help in boosting and revitalizing your immune system, thereby restoring energy and alertness. Your health, in general, will rapidly improve. 


Immediate rehydration


Nutritional IV therapy is a prudent method to deliver optimal hydration instantly to your body. This will ensure that your vital organ functions are not compromised. The therapy will also help prevent certain medical conditions such as constipation, kidney stones, or muscle damage. 


Quick treatment 


IV therapy is quick, effective, and sustainable. You don’t have to spend much time at the medical 


 and it will not involve any post-treatment downtime. Since the procedure is intravenous, it is usually completed in less than an hour. 


Customized solutions


If you work with an experienced treatment provider, you will have the option to customize your therapy to match your unique nutritional requirements. Your provider will first assess the nutrients that you will require the most, before creating a combination therapy to fit your goals. 


Reduced dependence on supplements


You may be able to reduce your reliance on expensive nutritional supplements that you may be taking several times a day, after you have received nutritional IV therapy. 


Ideal preventative treatment


Nutritional IV therapy is a medically proven and tested treatment procedure that also has preventative properties. For example, if you take a therapeutic dose of Vitamin C, you may be able to combat several illnesses in a better way, including fighting off cancer-causing cells. 


An excellent choice for athletes


If you are an athlete, then nutritional IV will certainly help in replenishing your lost vitamins and minerals that support your rigorous body performance. This IV therapy will make you less prone to exhaustion, muscle spasms, and tired muscles. 


Rapid results


As nutritional IV therapy is an intravenous procedure, the results will be rapid. If you consume a balanced diet to increase your vitamin levels, then it will take a long time for your body to digest it and produce energy. With nutritional IV therapy, your general healthy and energy levels will be restored 


 and you will feel rejuvenated.


EllEve Med Spa receives patients from Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, and nearby areas for nutritional IV therapy.  


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