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Spring Prep for Summer Fun

With Summer creeping around the corner, it’s time to create a treatment plan for you to get your skin and body glowing under our beautiful, warm LA sun! As I’m writing this it’s raining, and though I absolutely adore this weather, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for some warmer weather.

There’s a carefully curated flow that we create in order to take care of you all year round. When Winter starts coming to an end, we get excited for Spring Prep. This is pretty much the last hoorah of being able to do certain treatments like IPLChemical Peels, and Laser Hair Removal before we have to take a pause during the Summer.

The reason we have to take a pause is that the sun is a huge contraindication, as it can cause your skin to be more susceptible to burning and we absolutely do not want that! This is why whenever you come into our office, we always ask! Even if it’s overcast in LA, we don’t know if you just came back from a beachy vacation and got a sun tan. It is always best to be on the safe side.

Spring Prep

Now how do we decide what treatments are going to be best for you? Well, that’s where consultations are necessary, so that we can create the perfect plan for you that matches your time frame, budget, and any potential downtime that you’re not able to take.

This Spring we are having a promotion of BUY 3 GET THE 4TH FREE with our SkinCeuticals TCA Peels and IPL.

For the Skin

SkinCeuticals TCA Peels: This peel is absolutely wonderful to slough off the dry, dead skin build-up that we all have accrued in the colder months. It also helps to correct fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and softens the skin to remove that rough texture. This is a very popular treatment in our office since it can address many concerns at once and the results are baby smooth.

You will come in once a month for 4 months. In between treatments you can come in to meet with Emjay, our Master Aesthetician, and receive a deliciously, hydrating facial to rebalance and give a beautiful glow. The results we see when you combine Chemical Peels and Facials are absolutely mind-blowing!

Downtime: One week; expect dryness, peeling, flaking, redness.

Products to Support your Peel Journey: Skinceuticals Gentle Cream Cleanser, Hydrating B5 Gel, Hydra Balm, and an SPF (Physical Fusion, Sheer Physical, or Daily Brightening)

Products to Enhance Your Results: SkinCeuticals Clarifying Exfoliating Cleanser, Phloretin CF Vitamin C, Discoloration Defense, Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight, Retexturing Activator, Metacell Renewal B3, and an SPF (Physical Fusion, Sheer Physical, or Daily Brightening)

IPL: also known as, Intense Pulsed Light, is a treatment that helps address the hyperpigmentation on the surface of the skin. Added benefits would be that it reduces some redness in the skin, and builds up collagen. In the beginning of my skincare journey, I did a series of IPL treatments in my early 20s since I was a major sun worshipper growing up. With doing this series, I still continue to receive compliments at how bright and even my complexion is and I’m now in my early 30s! It’s a classic treatment and it’s here to stay due to how consistent it is with results.

For this light-based treatment you will come in once a month for 4 months. You are able to come in for Facials in between, as well as Botox or Filler on the same day.

Downtime: None, but do expect the pigmentation on the surface to darken up. They end up looking like coffee grinds and you are able to cover it up with makeup.

Products to Support your IPL Journey: SkinCeuticals Replenishing Cleanser, Phloretin CF Gel Vitamin C, Metacell Renewal B3, and an SPF (Physical Fusion, Sheer Physical, or Daily Brightening)

Products to Enhance Your Results: SkinCeuticals LHA Cleanser, C+AHA Vitamin C, Retinol .3 .5 or 1.0, and and an SPF (Physical Fusion, Sheer Physical, or Daily Brightening)

For the Body

Laser Hair Removal: Whether you’re trying to remove the hair completely or lighten up the burden, this treatment is most certainly your best friend. With Summer being 4 months away, and assuming if you haven’t started your hair removal journey yet, you would be able to squeeze in 4 sessions. This would be a huge help for those that prefer to remove body hair and definitely makes the shaving process easier when wearing more revealing clothing, while keeping cool.

Areas like the under arms and bikini tend to not be harmed by the sun, so if you notice you’re staying in the shade, you may be able to continue your treatments!

You would be coming in once a month. On average clients will need to do 6-8 sessions! The Cutera XL HR is a VERY comfortable device…in all honesty, the most comfortable Laser Hair Removal treatment I’ve ever tried.

truSculpt iD: This treatment is easily the best body contouring procedure I’ve ever received. Being in this industry for 10 years now, I have seen it all and done it all. Okay maybe not ALL, but pretty darn close. With this only being a 15 minute procedure, the convenience is fantastic and the results are even better. Utilizing RF (radio frequency), it creates apoptosis (cell death) and destroys up to 24% of the fat cells in the treated area. Since it has the RF, there’s a skin tightening benefit as well. Which is great so you don’t have to worry about loose skin afterwards. OH – did I mention that it is such a comfortable treatment? Believe me when I say that it is warm, but not too hot. It’s quite amazing how far technology has come along.

On average you will need 2-3 treatments. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It just all depends on your body type, existing fatty tissue, and desired results. You will notice an improvement 4 weeks post, and see the bulk of your results in 8 weeks, but the total is 12 weeks. When you are ready to retreat, we will have you come in 8 weeks so that we can have the best idea on how to move forward with your treatment plan.

truSculpt Flex+: Flex+ is the next generation of the original Flex treatment. So what’s so plus about it? The treatment time has gone down from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES. This is huge for our clientele that were coming in to treat multiple areas as it would take a couple of hours to treat in its entirety. TruFlex+ is by far the best muscle building treatment I have seen. It truly puts the others on the market to shame. Trust, I’ve tried them with not a lot of excitement with the results that were to be expected. Yet with Flex+, I am actually sore for a week. Now do keep in mind that for those of you that do move your body, you won’t be as sore as I get. I am guilty of not working out, which is why I do rely on this treatment to tone and sculpt my muscles.

You will be coming in 2 times a week for 3 weeks. This is for optimal results. After your initial series, it does take time for you to notice your results, but week by week you’ll notice them getting stronger and more defined!

Keep in mind that all of these treatments that we have discussed are just scratching the surface of what we offer. If some of them don’t really resonate with you, but are wanting to create a Spring Prep treatment plan, give us a call directly at our office at 747-777-5007. We have a dedicated staff that truly cares for your well being and wants to see you with the biggest smile on your face from seeing your beautiful and exciting results.


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