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    Facial Treatments Menu

    Facial Treatments Menu

    EllEve Med Spa Facial Treatments Menu

    Acne Therapy [90 MIN.][$185]

    Acne breakouts can stem from a myriad of issues.  Our Skin Health Specialist want to get to the root of the issue – before tackling both topical care and overall self-care –  to maximize this extensive professional treatment. 

    A careful blend of chemical and enzymatic exfoliants is concocted, curated to compliment your unique skin type and acne grade.  Extensive cleansing and exfoliation, complimentary to your individual needs, starts this treatment.  Extraction of millia, open and closed comedones and all other impurities will leave your skin feeling light and refreshed.  Ozone Therapy, Blue Light LED integration, and an Oxygen Mask will eliminate the P. Acnes bacteria from pores – the most common bacteria behind those pesky breakouts.  A proprietary Retin-A blend will end this treatment and begin your journey to blemish-free , glowing, beautiful skin.

    Treatments that compliment:

    • Laser Genesis
    • For Cystic, Inflamed Acne – Cortisone Shots
    • For Acne scarring and non-inflammatory acne, Microneedling

    Back Treatment [50 MIN.][$90]

    This 50-minute treatment concentrates on your back.  Perfect for events where the back needs to be exposed; excellent for summer time when less is more!  For all those who suffer from back acne, this treatment is calling to you.

    The EllEve Med Spa Back Treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliation using touch and professional brush oscillation to rejuvenate and clear impurities, helping you feel confident. During the treatment you will be under steam, as we cleanse and exfoliate layers of dead skin cells right off your back.  Extractions and a clarifying mask to follow will conclude this treatment, leaving your back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Treatments that compliment:

    • For post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – IPL
    • For Cystic, Inflamed Back Acne – Cortisone Shots
    • For sculpting and molding the back – upper and/or lower – Body Sculpting

    Brightening Treatment [75 MIN.][$200]

    Everything PIGMENTATION and the correction thereof.  This treatment concentrates on blended chemical exfoliants geared toward reducing and controlling the appearance of hyperpigmentation, both post-inflammatory and otherwise.  Blend of various acids at higher percentages and lower pH levels are applied in layers onto the skin to expedite the peeling process and shed away pigment, one layer at a time.  Serums of niacinamacide, licorice root. kojic acid, vitamin c, and blend of retinoids are just a few prime ingredients we use in this treatment to drastically brighten the complexion. 

    Dependent on your grade of pigment and the depth of, our Skin Health Specialists design an intense professional treatment and a homecare protocol that is sure to shed away pigmentation. 

    Treatments that compliment:

    • IPL Series
    • Vi Peel Series

    Deluxe Anti-Aging [90-MIN][$250]

    With this expert 90-minute anti-aging treatment, our Skin Health Specialists put their technical and cosmetic know-how into action to treat and prevent the most visible signs of aging.  By using micro stem cells of epidermal growth factors and botanical stem cells, driven into the skin with innovative technologies, we visibly energize the skin.  This treatment stimulates cell growth, collagen and elastin production, strengthening, firming, and sculpting the facial contours using microcurrent technology and LED Light Therapy.

    An exclusive complex of active ingredients targets different elements of the skin’s structure.  Skin is lifted, replenished, as superficial wrinkles fade.  The use of hyaluronic acid and peptides is used to hydrate, moisturize and plump the skin. Then vitamins C, E, and Glutathione are gently massaged into the skin provide the ultimate in free-radical fighting antioxidants – a lasting protection for the skin.  Bring life back into your skin!

    Treatments that compliment:

    • 2D Skin Revitalization
    • Injectables and Fillers

    Dermaplaning Facial [75 MIN.][$160]

    Using a sterile surgical blade, the outmost layer of the skin is desquamated, visibly removing dead skin cells and vellus hair.  Perfect treatment before an engagement; make-up goes on smooth and flawless. 

    This treatment is a full-service facial, complete with a double cleanse, extractions, massage of the face and declottage area, followed by an application of plumping and wrinkle-filling serums and moisturizers.  A cooling bio cellulose mask ends this treatment, leaving skin soft and supple. 

    Treatments that compliment:

    • Microdermabrasion Add-On
    • Chemical Peel Add-On
    • LED Light Therapy Add-On
    • Oxygen Therapy Add-On
    • Microneedling Series

    GLOW and GO [75 MIN.][$130]

    Perfect addition to more intensive facial treatments and medical-grade skin rejuvenation, Glow and Go is the ideal treatment for a clean, hydrated skin. 

    We start by cleansing and exfoliating the skin using enzymatic exfoliants, blended to your skin’s unique needs.  Extractions of impurities, followed by a lifting and stimulating facial massage using micellized vitamins and minerals awakens the skin cells and leaves a glow, unmatched!  We set all the ingredient goodness with a double-mask, ending this beautiful treatment. 

    Treatments that compliment:

    • Perfect pre and post treatment for most medical-grade aesthetic treatments. 

    Lift & Sculpt [90 MIN.][$175]

    The ultimate workout for the skin.  Lift, tone, sculpt, and reduce puffiness with the latest in microcurrent technology.  This treatment uses high concentrated anti-aging ampules with the tiniest molecular weight, infused into the skin with this highly sought after, non-invasive lifting treatment.  LED Light Therapy compliments this anti-aging treatment, masking you for 20-minutes, while we treat your hands and feet.  A firming mask of Vitamin C, E, and A mold the facial features, for lasting results. 

    Results can be seen with just one treatment; a series of treatment, every two-weeks for six weeks, is needed for full effect.  Keep your workouts going!

    Treatments that compliment:

    • LED Light Therapy Add-On
    • Oxygen Infusion Add-On
    • Titan Laser Therapy

    Oxygen Infusion [90 MIN.][$200]

    A treatment uniquely designed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize every skin cell through its revolutionary use of the pure oxygen molecule.  The patented system EllEve Med Spa uses is among the first to offer both corrective and preventative skin care via an oxygen vessel; especially when it comes to reducing the effects of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage, and exposure to pollutants.

    Ideal for all, but specifically smokers, those exposed to extreme weather conditions, pollutants, and the like, OXYGEN INFUSION uses eighty-seven different combinations of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and most importantly, PURE OXYGEN gas, to reinvigorate dull skin. 

    A full EllEve Med Spa Signature Facial begins this nourishing treatment.   

    Treatments that compliment:

    • LED Light Therapy Add-On
    • ViPeel 2-Weeks prior to Oxygen Infusion
    • Microneedling 2-Weeks Prior to Oxygen Treatment

    Peel, Heal and Reveal [75 MIN.][$150]

    A transformative treatment designed to not only treat acneic and pigmented skin concerns, but to offer an overall brightening effect for most skin types. 

    We start by double-cleansing the skin, lowering the pH levels to optimize and intensify the depth of the peel to follow.  A blend of enzymatic and chemical exfoliants designed for your skin type, color, and concern, is mixed with various vitamins to achieve results.  Then the laying begins as more topical vitamins and nutrients are applied directly atop the peel. 

    This effective treatment may or may not cause peeling, dependent on your skin’s resilience.  Weather or not physical peeling occurs, the treatment is always effective.  We suggest our Glow and Go treatment,  a week prior, to clean skin of debris and prepare the outermost layer for the peel application. 

    You’ll love the aftermath! 

    Treatments that compliment:

    • Microneedling every other month, between the peel – series of 3 for each treatment.
    • LED Light Therapy 1-Week Post Treatment, 3-4 times a week for 6-weeks, for maximum effect
    • Oxygen Infusion 1-Week Post Treatment for rebuilding and repairing

    Radiance [75 MIN.][$120]

    EllEve Signature Facial – The Radiance.   The quintessential facial designed with the client in mind, and the individual essence of him/her.  Treat your senses with this pampering facial that not only soothes and calms both skin and soul, it perfects and hydrates the skin, complete with professional exfoliation, extractions, and mask. 

    Essential oil blends invigorate as a full face and décolletage massage ensues, whisking you away to total relaxation. 

    Treatments that compliment:

    • Perfect pre and post treatment for most medical-grade aesthetic treatments. 

    Add-on Treatments:

    • LED Light Therapy – Recommended 3-4 Treatments per week for 6-weeks
    • Oxygen Infusion
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Dermaplaning
    • Extra 15-minutes of Extractions

    The best med spa treatments are the ones that best suit your particular situation. Visit our medical spa and work with your aesthetician to see which treatments can help you achieve the even skin tone you’re looking for.

    For more information on procedures and treatments at EllEve Med Spa please contact us at (747) 777-5007 in Woodlands. CA.

    Located in Woodland Hills a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County. We welcome all patients from Calabasas, Canoga Park, Hidden Hills, Pacific Palisades, Reseda, Tarzana, Topanga, West Hills, Winnetka and other surrounding communities of Los Angeles, California.

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