PDO Threads Skin Lift

PDO Threads Skin LiftNon-Surgical Skin Facelift With PDO Threads

If you are struggling with loose skin in the face and other areas of the body, consider one of the safest and highly effective non-surgical solutions to achieve a subtle and natural looking skin lift – the PDO Thread Lift. The PDO thread lift is designed to gently lift and tighten your sagging tissue by introducing absorbable, biocompatible threads in the deeper skin layers. With this treatment, you can achieve the following four effects:

  1. Instant lifting of the sagging skin through a mechanical force
  2. New production of collagen fibers to volumize the skin
  3. Cellular renewal and neovascularisation to improve skin elasticity
  4. Skin tightening by causing contraction of the fatty tissue

How does it Work?

The PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure involving only a local anesthetic. The thread lift expert will insert the PDO threads using ultra-thin cannulas into multiple skin layers in the affected areas. Once inserted, these special threads will anchor your skin and gently lift or raise it. The excess thread will then be cut off. The procedure is usually completed in about 15 to 30 minutes. With advanced techniques and special skills, your provider will ensure you experience minimal discomfort during the treatment. In about six months after the treatment, the PDO threads inside the deeper tissue will get absorbed through the natural hydrolysis process. Your lifted facial contours will continue to remain maintained for several more months, even after the threads have dissolved. The cellular renewal and collagen induction process will keep your face firmer, smoother and more youthful looking. The generation of new, healthy blood vessels triggered by the thread lift will improve microcirculation in your skin. Lastly, the PDO threads will also cause unwanted fat tissue in the treated sites to contract. This will add a slimming effect to your rejuvenated skin.


If you are worried about loose skin and crepe-like skin texture in your face or neck area, mild jowling of the lower part of your face, appearance of fine lines (particularly around the mid-face), distinct nasolabial folds, horizontal lines in the forehead, and drooping eyebrow arches and saggy eyelids, you could be a good candidate for a PDO thread lift. In general, women and men in their thirties and beyond who want to obtain subtle, natural looking facelift in non-surgical way can make the most from this treatment.

Restoring Your V-Shaped Facial Appearance

From an aesthetic perspective, a healthy and attractive face will have a “V” shape. However, aging effects, gravitational forces, sun and wind exposure, facial expressions and stress will gradually invert or diminish this “V” shape of your face. With a PDO thread, your sagging facial tissue can receive the required support to maintain the “V” shape and keep it in place. Where necessary, the thread lift will help to gently lift the loose tissue and reposition your facial skin to restore the “V” shape where it has been lost over time. The best part is that this “non-surgical facelift” is highly safe and with little to no risk of side effects. Medical professionals have used PDO for various clinical procedures for decades with no risk to the patient’s health.

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PDO Threads Skin Lift

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