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    Sculptery Wood And Ice Body Contouring

    Sculptery Wood And Ice Body ContouringSculptery Wood And Ice Body Contouring

    EllEve Med Spa now offers Sculptery Wood and Sculptery Ice, two unique treatments for body sculpting, contouring, and skin rejuvenation. These nature-based therapeutic and beauty treatments have been around for thousands of years, practiced by women and men in ancient civilizations. With Sculptery, we have revived these traditional therapies that have stood the test of time to help you achieve your body toning and slimming goals. 

    Sculptery Wood

    Our innovative Sculptery Wood treatment involves the use of customized wood, jade, and metal instruments that are designed to shape, sculpt, and rejuvenate your body and face. Wood therapy is widely used in Oriental countries even today and tourists from all over the world visit the Orient every year to experience the benefits of this therapy. 

    In Latin American countries, a contemporary version of wood-based body contouring has become highly popular. Known as Maderoterapia (Madera is wood in Spanish), this one-of-its-kind body slimming and rejuvenation technique is known to provide excellent outcomes.  

    How does Sculptery Wood Work?

    Our skilled aestheticians will use anatomically designed Sculptery Wood instruments while applying the right amount of pressure on your targeted areas of the body. The therapy will activate your lymphatic system, which is your body’s natural defense against cellular damage and disintegration. A large part of the body’s lymph nodes are located just beneath the skin, and Sculptery Wood works to maximize their activity. 

    This will rejuvenate your skin inside out, while the pressure techniques will help in breaking down the stubborn fibrosis cellulite and fat cells. Sculptery Wood therapy will increase your metabolic rate and gradually eliminate the unwanted fat cells along with other body toxins in a natural way. This will help you get rid of unsightly bulges and restore a youthful body contour. The treatment will also promote your blood flow and trigger the formation of new collagen fibers to make your skin more elastic and volumized. 

    Sculptery Ice

    At EllEve Med Spa, we have combined the time-tested technique of ice therapy and unique herbal ingredients with modern body sculpting principles to help you achieve a glowing, shapely, and youthful body and face. Our nature-based ice formulation is composed of exceptional herbs, organic clays, essential oils and fatty oils, which are blended in a unique proportion to activate your lymphatic system and nourish your skin from within.  

    How does Sculptery Ice Work?

    Our Sculptery Ice treatments will not only slim and tone your body contours and combat cellulite, but will also work to tighten and rejuvenate your skin. The frozen treatment will trigger a body process called thermogenesis to expel toxins, dissolve excess fat pockets, hydrate your skin, and create an anti-inflammatory response. Sculptery Ice therapy can brighten your skin, treat certain types of acne and acne scars, and improve sun damage and aging signs. 

    During the treatment session, our Sculpter Ice expert will apply the unique formulation in the targeted body areas and use a special protocol to achieve skin rejuvenation, toning, slimming, and cellulite reduction. The treatment session may last for about 30 to 40 minutes until the frozen formulation melts. You may receive up to three treatments a week for the best results. 

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