Titan Skin Tightening

It’s all in the name, Titan Skin Tighteninga laser treatment that does just that, tighten and firm the skin.

Titan Skin Tightening

It’s all in the name, Titan Skin Tightening, a laser treatment that does just that, tighten and firm the skin.

It may not surprise you to know that a major aspect of aging that many people want to improve is the decline of tight, supple skin. While fine lines and wrinkles are often described as giving someone character – which we totally agree as we always want to make you the healthiest version of yourself at every age level – skin that starts to hang from places like the face, jawline (jowls), or upper arms can produce a look that doesn’t reflect how you feel on the inside. This can lead to a loss of confidence and insecurity with appearance and that is just unacceptable.

So, the question is how do you conquer it?

It’s all in the name, Titan Skin Tightening, a laser treatment that does just that, tighten and firm the skin. The Titan hand-piece is part of the trio of Cutera’s Xeo along with Genesis and IPL. It is a nonsurgical and safe FDA-approved method to help restore the skin to a natural and rejuvenated result.

Titan works by safely heating layers of skin beneath the surface with infrared light energy, yet without damaging the outer skin through the use of intense cooling. When the device is applied to the skin, you feel a cooling sensation first followed by a brief heating cycle before a second cooling phase.

By utilizing light energy (broadband spectrum of between 1100 and 1800nm) it provides a precise distribution of energy for heating the deep dermis. This process is different from RadioFrequency as that energy is more of a bulk heat of spreading out into the skin rather than directly down. This will stimulate the growth of new collagen beneath the skin.

A comfortable procedure compared to other collagen building treatments on the market, we still numb you to make sure you enjoy your experience with us.

When Do I Start Losing Collagen?

Collagen is what gives skin that supple and bouncy feeling and by the time we are 21 years old, our collagen starts to slow down its production and what happens is:

1. It becomes stretched, which results in skin that sags

2. It decreases in amount, which leads to wrinkling and reduced elasticity

Which is why we are firm believers in not waiting to start taking care of your skin once you reach ‘an appropriate age’ – it will take longer and cost more to correct than to start younger and then only needing to maintain. But hey, it is NEVER too late to take care of yourself and we are here to help.

Titan Laser produces effects that are noticed immediately as well as gradually. This treatment process can take 3-6 months, which will look as if you’ve achieved a more rejuvenated look naturally and organically.

In other words, it doesn’t look as if you had anything done. Best secret ever.

Have areas of concern other than your face? Well, skin is skin so wherever you feel you need collagen boost building, we’ve got you covered.

Titan Skin Tightening